Thursday, 18 December 2008

Visual Studio External Tools Menu

Further to my post about setting up Windows Explorer as an external tool within Visual Studio (, I have set up a number of other tools set up in the same way. Here's my list now:

Run test(full path to nunit.exe)$(ItemPath)
Reflector(full path to reflector.exe)$(ItemPath)
FxCop(full path to fxcop.exe)$(TargetPath)
Explorer(full path to explorer.exe)/e, /select, $(ItemPath)
Open in Notepad(full path to notepad.exe)$(ItemPath)
Open(full path to a batch file containing just "%1")$(ItemPath)
Error Lookup(errlook.exe, in VS\Common\Tools folder)(none)Not sure where this one came from; installed by default?
Spy++(spyxx.exe, in VS\Common\Tools folder)(none)Installed by default

I've excluded a couple of the others that are there by default (eg. Create Guid and Dotfuscator).

(Edited 19/12/2008)

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