Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Sitecore item content not showing

As I’ve spent too many times trying to work out why item content (or a change to an item) is not reflected in the browser, here’s a quick note-to-self check-list:

  • If the item is in a workflow, check it has been submitted and approved

  • If you’re referencing an item using @key (eg. item[@key='fieldname']), make sure the field name is all lower case

  • Check the item has been published (do a full publish if changes have been made to templates too)

  • Do a full publish (or re-save the web.config file) if you suspect Sitecore caching is having an effect

  • Check the content of the item is in the web database by using the dbbrowser utility (in the same broswer session as your Sitecore instance, browse to /sitecore/admin/dbbrowser.aspx)

  • If you’re using local IIS, do an IIS reset to refresh the cache

  • Use the Access Viewer to check the permissions of the item for the extranet anonymous user

  • Check the item’s rendering is assigned to a valid placeholder key (be particularly careful if you are attaching renderings dynamically)

  • If applicable, view the HTML source and paste into the W3 validator to check for errors. Something like a self-closing script tag can throw the output.

Have I forgotten anything?

[Updated 7 Jan 2009; added bullet]

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